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Fetal Doppler Reviews

The customer comments below provide a good insight into why parents, midwives and healthcare professionals choose to hire or buy a fetal doppler from
Fetal Doppler Reviews of Customer Feedback
"Hi, I hired off you 2 years ago and I am back again - Many Thanks for your great service"
Claire L

"Thank you for the service/goods you have provided, this is the second time I have used your company to offer reassurance during pregnancy! As ever the Doppler arrived very quickly after ordering and it has been great during the months before I could feel the baby (my son) moving. The Doppler has also allowed my 3yr old daughter to listen to her brother and really feel a part of this pregnancy.
My husband and I have been reassured once again by hiring a Doppler from your company. My 1st pregnancy was complicated and this is why we hired a Doppler, this 2nd pregnancy has been 'lovely', so the Doppler served a totally different purpose, but was still as valued.
If I'm ever crazy enough to have a third child, no doubt I will back on your site hiring again, but failing me having a moment of madness and having more children, I will always recommend your service to family & friends."

Kate R

"Hi, Thank you so much, the monitor turned up this morning! I'm just 11 weeks didnt expect to find heartbeat but did quite quickly. It has taken away alot of my worries. I will definately recommend you to all the pregnant ladies I know!!!"
Jude S

"My baby is now due in 6 weeks and I would like to say thanks for this product - it has certainly helped keep my mind at rest over the pregnancy!"
Rachael L

"Thank you once again for the hire of this machine. Its been brilliant and not only has put mine and hubbys mind at rest but has allowed my parents to listen to our babies heartbeat too. Wonderful!"
Helen B

"Many thanks again, it has been a sanity saver even if i did end up keeping it much longer than i expected, it was well worth the money"
Jules W

"Thanks for the hire, it was invaluable"
Tom B

"Brilliant customer service, ordered thursday and it arrived saturday! I'm having a difficult 3rd pregnancy and this has given me great peace of mind I was able to pick up my baby's heartbeat straight away and my other children were able to listen to it as well which was very exciting for them! :-) thanks DopplerHire I can't recommend you enough!"
Jade T

"Doppler was great thanks. My sister in law is pregnant and told her to order from you :)"
Jenny P

"I just want to say thank you its a great thing to hire kept my mind at rest and will be telling friends about it. Thanks again"
Louise A

"I have received in the post this morning and have heard my babys heartbeat loud and clear! Amazing! I'm smiling all day now!"
Carrie T

"Hi thank you for the service of the doppler it was amazing to hear the little ones heart beating"
Katie D

"Thank you sooo much for your doppler, really helped me relax a lot and enjoy my pregnancy instead of panicking if I couldn't feel him move! Thank you again and I will recommend you to ALL my friends that have children!"
Penny R

"I would like to thank you for the hire of the Doppler which has been fantastic , I can't thank you enough for being able to hear my babies heartbeat which after 10 miscarriages the relief is amazing. I am now 22 weeks and expecting a little boy and I have recommended you to many of my friends as there seems to be a pregnancy spurt at the moment in my town. Thank you for providing this excellent service to us worried mums to be."
Tracy C

"..Had very problamatic pregnancy so far & doppler has been a god send :)"
Jenny U

"Doppler received day after purchase and working well so I'm a very happy customer, thankyou!"
Sarah M

"Many thanks, I enjoyed listening to my baby's heart beat throughout my pregnancy."
Heather J

"Just wanted to let you know that I heard my baby for the first time yesterday at just under 10 weeks. It made my day!"
Amanda B

"Safely received the Doppler on Friday and, having charged it, was able to hear baby C loud and clear. Thank you"
Jennifer C

"Oh, we had a baby girl, btw. We are very grateful that your doppler helped us maintain peace of mind throughout the pregnancy. We’re glad to have found your company to rent from."
Stephanie S

"Thanks again it has arrived today at 12pm and i managed to find my baby's heartbeat for the first time at 13 weeks pregnant! What a great machine."
Samantha A

"Hi it just came! so happy i was to eager to use it im only 9 weeks and i can hear the heartbeat! so beautiful... thanks so much.x"
Karis B

"Thank you very much for an excellent service"
Tina P

"It was a brilliant piece of equipment had alot of use out of it many thanks."
Cheryl T

"Thanks for everything, i found it very easy to use, and it was great to hear my first baby's heartbeat for the first time!"
Nicola S

"Would just like to thank you for the hire, I have recommended it to my friends who will be starting a family shortly, its a great service and provides a great deal of reassurance during pregnancy."
Hayley J

"Baby is home now and thriving even though we shouldn't have her for a while yet! There was many a day the doppler was the only thing that reassured me she was still there."
Denise C