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Doppler Record and Share Software

Record your baby's heartbeat, add a photo to make a video to share to family and friends
Fetal Doppler Record and Share Software
We are currently looking for mums-to-be to try our New & free Doppler Record and Share Software. This lets you make a video of your baby sounds in the womb to share with family, friends, fathers away from home, healthcare professionals and so on. Please take a look at our website for an example Doppler Record and Share video:

All you need to do is:
  1. Install the Doppler Record & Share Software on your PC
  2. Attach your Doppler to your computer using a lead which we will send you FREE of charge.
  3. If you want to, choose a photo, such as a Scan picture
  4. Press the Record button and use your Doppler as normal
  5. Press the Stop button when finished
  6. Press the Save button to make the Video
  7. Now you can share your video with Facebook, YouTube or email

It doesn't matter if you have hired or bought a Doppler from us or elsewhere - we just want to know which Dopplers our software will work with. So we are giving away the Doppler Record and Share Software and will post you a Doppler connecting lead completely FREE of charge (limited offer while we have spare leads to send).

If you would like more details then simply email us at, letting us know which make of Doppler you are using and your address.

Thanks for reading!